MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate Exam Study Guide

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Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate? If so, the MS-700 certification is the ideal choice for you. This certification validates your skills and knowledge in effectively managing and administering Microsoft Teams environments to promote collaboration and productivity.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the MS-700 certification in detail, covering all the essential aspects you need to know. We will provide an overview of the certification, discuss the prerequisites for taking the exam, explain the exam retake policy, highlight the key benefits of obtaining this certification, and much more. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the MS-700 certification and its significance in your professional journey as a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate.

So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of MS-700 certification!

MS-700 Certification Overview?

The MS-700 certification is specifically designed to validate your expertise as a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate. As organizations increasingly rely on Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration, the demand for skilled professionals who can effectively manage and administer Teams environments has grown significantly.

This certification equips you with the necessary skills to deploy, configure, and manage Teams, ensuring a seamless and productive digital workspace for your organization. You will learn how to optimize Teams settings, manage user access and security, handle messaging and calling functionalities, and troubleshoot common issues that may arise.

By obtaining the MS-700 certification, you demonstrate your proficiency in implementing and maintaining Microsoft Teams environments, making you a valuable asset to organizations looking to leverage this powerful collaboration platform.

MS-700 Certification Overview

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Who Is Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate?

A Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate is a professional responsible for managing and supporting Microsoft Teams within an organization. This role involves tasks such as deploying Teams, configuring collaboration settings, managing user access and permissions, monitoring performance, and troubleshooting issues.

As a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate, you are proficient in leveraging the features and capabilities of Teams to enhance communication and collaboration among team members. You play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and efficient digital workspace, enabling teams to collaborate effectively, irrespective of their physical locations.

With the MS-700 certification, you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this role, demonstrating your ability to administer Microsoft Teams and drive productivity within your organization.

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Who This Certification Is For?

The MS-700 certification is specifically designed for individuals who are interested in becoming Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associates. This certification is suitable for a range of professionals, including:

1. IT Professionals: If you are an IT professional working in the field of collaboration and communication technologies, the MS-700 certification can expand your skill set and enhance your career prospects. It validates your expertise in managing Microsoft Teams environments, which is increasingly sought after in today’s digital workplace.

2. System Administrators: System administrators responsible for managing and maintaining various aspects of an organization’s IT infrastructure can benefit from the MS-700 certification. By gaining knowledge in Microsoft Teams administration, you can effectively support collaboration efforts and ensure a secure and efficient digital workspace.

3. Collaboration Specialists: If you specialize in collaboration and teamwork solutions, the MS-700 certification is a valuable addition to your credentials. It showcases your proficiency in configuring and optimizing Microsoft Teams to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

4. IT Managers and Consultants: IT managers and consultants who oversee technology implementation and strategic decision-making can leverage the MS-700 certification to enhance their understanding of Microsoft Teams and guide organizations in adopting and managing Teams effectively.

Regardless of your specific background, if you have an interest in Microsoft Teams administration and are looking to advance your career in the realm of collaboration and communication, the MS-700 certification is well-suited for you.

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Benefits of MS-700 Certification

The MS-700 certification offers numerous benefits for professionals seeking to advance their careers in Microsoft Teams administration. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider pursuing the MS-700 certification:

1. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge: The certification provides comprehensive training on managing and administering Microsoft Teams environments. You will gain in-depth knowledge of Teams functionalities, best practices for configuration and optimization, and troubleshooting techniques. This expertise will empower you to effectively support and enhance collaboration within your organization.

2. Career Advancement: As the demand for Microsoft Teams administrators continues to grow, holding the MS-700 certification can significantly enhance your career prospects. It demonstrates your specialized skills and makes you a sought-after candidate for roles related to Microsoft Teams administration. You can pursue various career paths, such as becoming a Teams Administrator, Collaboration Specialist, or IT Manager, with increased job opportunities and higher earning potential.

3. Organizational Productivity: By obtaining the MS-700 certification, you will be equipped to drive organizational productivity through efficient and effective use of Microsoft Teams. You will have the expertise to configure Teams settings, manage user access and permissions, troubleshoot issues, and optimize collaboration features. This will result in improved communication, streamlined teamwork, and enhanced productivity across the organization.

4. Professional Validation: The MS-700 certification is a recognized credential in the industry, validating your expertise as a Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate. It provides professional validation and credibility, establishing you as a competent professional in the field. This recognition can lead to increased respect from peers, colleagues, and employers.

5. Continuous Learning and Growth: The MS-700 certification is not only a one-time achievement but also an opportunity for continuous learning and growth. As a certified Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate, you will have access to ongoing updates, resources, and communities to stay updated with the latest developments in Microsoft Teams. This ensures that your skills remain relevant and valuable in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

By earning the MS-700 certification, you position yourself as a proficient Microsoft Teams administrator, opening doors to exciting career opportunities and enabling you to make a significant impact within your organization.

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MS-700 Exam Details

Exam Name

MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams Exam

Passing Marks


Exam Fee


Exam Duration

120 Minutes

Exam Validity

1 Year

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), Italian

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Exam Type

Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions

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MS-700 Exam Skills Measured

Configure and manage a Teams environment


Manage teams, channels, chats, and apps


Manage meetings and calling


Monitor, report on, and troubleshoot Teams


How to Register for MS-700 Certification Exam

You can register for the Managing Microsoft Teams Administrator Associate Exam (MS-700) by going to the Official Microsoft Page.

How to Register for MS-700 Certification Exam

Prerequisite for MS-700 Certification

Before pursuing the MS-700 certification, it is important to understand the prerequisites and recommended skills for this certification. While there are no strict prerequisites, having a foundational understanding of Microsoft 365 and Teams concepts will greatly benefit your learning experience and increase your chances of success in the certification exam.

To make the most out of the MS-700 certification journey, it is recommended to have knowledge and experience in the following areas:

1. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Familiarity with the basics of Microsoft 365, including its core services and components, will provide a solid foundation for understanding the context and capabilities of Microsoft Teams.

2. Teams Overview: Prior exposure to Microsoft Teams and its key features, such as chat, meetings, channels, and apps, will give you a head start in comprehending the intricacies of Teams administration.

3. Collaboration Concepts: Understanding the principles of collaboration and teamwork, as well as common industry practices, will help you grasp the objectives and importance of effective Microsoft Teams administration.

4. Communication Technologies: A basic understanding of communication technologies like Instant Messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP), and video conferencing will aid in comprehending the communication capabilities of Teams and how they can be configured and managed.

While these prerequisites are not mandatory, they provide a strong foundation that can accelerate your learning and ensure a smoother transition into the MS-700 certification journey. It is always beneficial to familiarize yourself with these concepts before diving into the specific administration aspects of Microsoft Teams.

By acquiring the recommended knowledge and skills, you set yourself up for success in the MS-700 certification, enabling you to confidently navigate the learning materials, grasp the concepts, and apply your knowledge effectively as a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate.

MS-700 Exam Study Guide

Configure and manage a Teams environment

Plan and configure network settings for Teams

  • Calculate network bandwidth capacity for Teams voice, video, meetings, and live events
  • Analyze network impact by using Network planner
  • Specify network ports and protocols used by Teams
  • Specify optimal network architecture for Teams
  • Assess network readiness and connectivity by using the Microsoft Teams Network Assessment Tool and Microsoft 365 network connectivity test tool

Manage security and compliance settings for Teams

Plan and implement governance and lifecycle management

Configure and manage external collaboration

Manage Teams clients and devices

Manage teams, channels, chats, and apps

Create and manage teams

  • Create a team by using the Microsoft Teams admin center, Teams client, or the Teams PowerShell module
  • Create a team from an existing Microsoft 365 group, SharePoint site, or team
  • Create a team from a template
  • Create and manage Teams templates and template policies
  • Manage the membership of a team
  • Assign and modify user roles in a team
  • Manage a team in the Microsoft Teams admin center
  • Manage Teams environment settings in the Microsoft Teams admin center
  • Configure privacy and sensitivity settings for Teams

Manage channels and chats

  • Recommend channel types, including standard, private, and shared
  • Add, edit, and remove channels
  • Manage Teams channel settings
  • Create and manage teams policies for channels
  • Manage private and shared channel membership
  • Create and manage messaging policies

Manage apps for Teams

Manage meetings and calling

Manage meetings and events

Manage phone numbers and services for Teams Phone

Monitor, report on, and troubleshoot Teams

Monitor and report on Teams

Troubleshoot audio, video, and client issues

MS-700 Exam Retake Policy

The MS-700 certification exam is an important milestone in your journey towards becoming a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate. However, it is possible that you may not achieve a passing score on your first attempt. In such cases, Microsoft provides a retake policy that allows you to retake the exam and work towards obtaining a passing score. Here are some key details regarding the MS-700 exam retake policy:

Waiting Period: In the event that you do not pass the MS-700 exam, there is a mandatory waiting period before you can retake the exam. Currently, the waiting period between exam retakes is 24 hours. This waiting period allows you to adequately prepare and address any knowledge gaps before attempting the exam again.

Exam Fee: Each time you retake the MS-700 exam, you are required to pay the exam fee. The exact fee may vary depending on your geographic location and currency. It is advisable to check the official Microsoft certification website for the most up-to-date information regarding exam fees.


In conclusion, the MS-700 certification is a valuable credential for aspiring Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associates. It equips professionals with the skills to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Microsoft Teams environments effectively.

This certification enhances career prospects, drives organizational productivity, and validates expertise in Teams administration. By obtaining the MS-700 certification, individuals become trusted resources for Teams administration and gain industry recognition. Continuous learning opportunities ensure staying up-to-date with the evolving features of Microsoft Teams.

Pursuing this certification opens doors to exciting career opportunities and sets the stage for further professional growth. Consider the MS-700 certification to become proficient in Microsoft Teams administration.


Q1. How hard is the MS-700 exam?

The difficulty of the MS-700 exam varies depending on your level of experience and preparation. With focused study and hands-on practice, along with utilizing available resources, you can develop a solid understanding of Microsoft Teams administration concepts and increase your chances of success.

Q2. What is the passing score for the MS-700 exam?

The passing score for the MS-700 exam is not publicly disclosed by Microsoft. It is determined through a statistical analysis of the exam questions. Aim to thoroughly understand the exam objectives rather than focusing solely on achieving a specific score.

Q3. How many questions are there in the MS-700 exam?

The number of questions in the MS-700 exam can vary, typically ranging from 40 to 60 questions. It is important to check the official Microsoft certification website or exam details for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Q4. Is the MS-700 exam worth it?

Yes, the MS-700 exam is worth pursuing for individuals interested in a career as a Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Associate. This certification validates your expertise in managing Microsoft Teams environments, enhancing your professional credibility and career prospects.

Q5. How long is MS-700 valid for?

The MS-700 certification does not expire. However, as technology evolves, consider staying updated with the latest advancements and pursuing recertification or higher-level certifications to ensure your skills remain current.

Q6. How long is the MS-700 exam?

The MS-700 exam is typically timed and lasts around 120 minutes (2 hours). Manage your time effectively during the exam to read and answer the questions accurately.

Q7. How much does it cost to take the MS-700 exam?

The cost of the MS-700 exam varies based on location and currency. Visit the official Microsoft certification website or consult the exam provider for the most up-to-date pricing information. Keep an eye out for any available discounts or promotions that may be offered.

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