PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate Exam Study Guide

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PL-300 exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks such as preparing the data, modeling the data, visualizing and analyzing the data, and deploying and maintaining assets.

The topics covered in this blog are:

PL-300 Exam Overview

PL-300 Analyze Data with Microsoft Power BI was formerly known as DA-100 Analyze Data with Microsoft Power BI Training.

During this Power BI Data Analyst Training, participants will learn how to build data models and how to leverage diverse data sources to create actionable insights. Those interested in taking the PL-300 exam should have knowledge of Power Query and DAX expression authoring.


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PL-300 vs. DA-100 What’s changed?

Getting an official Microsoft certification is essential for anyone who works with Microsoft Power BI.

Power BI is included in the more basic PL-900 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam, but the standard exam for Power BI users is the DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI.

The DA-100 provides a much more comprehensive analysis of Power BI and requires you to understand how it works, as well as the techniques and tricks that separate novices from experienced users.

It replaces the 70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam in Microsoft’s overhaul of its exams, where the old suite of exams was scrapped in favor of role-based certifications.

Just over a year after DA-100 was introduced, it has been replaced by PL-300: Power BI Data Analyst.

A taker of the PL-300 exam will gain the “Power BI Data Analyst Associate” certification, while the DA-100 provided the “Data Analyst Associate” certification.

Who is Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst?

The Power BI data analyst provides actionable insights with the help of accessible data and domain experience. Moreover, this data analyst works with key stakeholders from various industries to identify business requirements, and clean and transform data. After that, they use Power BI to create and build data models.

Power BI data analysts create easy-to-understand data visuals and assist others with self-service analytics, deployment, and configuration.

It is important to know how to use Power Query and write DAX expressions for this test.

PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Why You Should Learn Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is a simple tool that assists organizations in adopting a data-driven culture. It immediately gives insight and analyses. Due to robust self-service capabilities, business no longer needs to rely on IT to analyze the data.

Power BI is essential for many reasons such as automated dataset integration, ease of expansion into new data sources, quick visualization, and deployable Row Level Security.

In addition, a cloud-based environment with features like Natural Language Query makes easy Data governance.

Who This Certification is for?

PL 300 Certification is ideal for,

  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data analysts
  • IT Managers
  • Professionals who use Power BI
  • Data Scientists
  • Professionals using Data for Decision-making
  • Candidates who want to gain a clear understanding of the Microsoft Power BI Tool
  • Candidates who want to clear the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 examination

PL-300 Certification Benefits

  • Confirms your data insights knowledge.
  • Helps the company to stand out in this competitive profession.
  • 26% of technical professionals say getting certified led to career promotion and 35% say it led to a compensation or wage boost.
  • PL-300 certification increases career opportunities as well as earnings.

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PL-300 Exam Details

Exam Name

PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

Passing Marks


Exam Fee


Exam Duration

180 Minutes

Exam Validity

1 Year

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Exam Type

Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions

PL-300 Exam Skills Measured

Prepare the data


Model the data


Visualize and analyze the data


Deploy and maintain assets


How to Register for Azure PL 300 Exam

You can register for PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst exam by going to the Official Microsoft Page.

PL-300 study guide

Prerequisites For The PL-300

  • The AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course should be taken by candidates who are unfamiliar with the cloud and Azure.
  • A participant in the DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals program will gain knowledge and expertise in managing data solutions and in Azure

PL-300 Exam Study Guide

Prepare the Data (15-20%)

Get data from different data sources

Clean, transform, and load the data

Model the Data (30—35%)

Design a data model

Develop a data model

Create model calculations by using DAX

Optimize model performance

Visualize and Analyze the Data (25—30%)

Create reports

Create dashboards

Enhance reports for usability and storytelling

Identify patterns and trends

Deploy and Maintain Assets (20—25%)

Manage files and datasets

Manage workspaces

PL-300 Exam Retake Policy

The PL-300 exam retake policy is as follows:

  1. If a candidate fails on the first attempt, they must wait for 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  2. If a candidate again fails on the second attempt, then the candidate will have to wait for 14 days.
  3. A candidate will be given a maximum of five attempts to retake an exam in a year.


If you are interested in taking the PL-300 exam, these are the main takeaway points regarding the Change from DA-100:

  • The Microsoft Learn pathway is the best source of information – and you should do the labs
  • For an accurate idea of what the exam covers, use the skills outline document – third-party resources may not be as accurate.
  • Do not neglect the “Deploy and Maintain Assets” material as it is more prominent now.


Q1. Is PL-300 exam hard?

The difficulty of the Microsoft PL-300 exam depends on your prior knowledge and experience with Power Platform concepts. With proper preparation and study of the exam objectives and relevant study materials, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and achieving the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect certification.

Q2. How long is PL300 valid?

PL-300 certifications will remain valid for one year.

Q3. How long is the Pl-300 exam?

PL-300 exam is 180 minutes long.

Q4. How many questions are there in the PL-300 exam?

The Microsoft PL-300 exam has 40-60 questions.

Q5. What is passing score for PL 300?

The pass mark for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Exam is 700 out of 1000 points.

Q6. How much does PL 300 cost?

The PL-300 exam costs $165 USD.


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