DP-203: Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate Exam Study Guide

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The DP 203 Certification is the next level after the DP-200 Designing an Azure Data Solution and Implementing an Azure Data Solution certifications.
The article covers everything you should know before applying for DP-203 certification.

The topics covered in this blog are:

DP-203 Certification Overview

The DP-203 is an advanced-level certification from Microsoft Azure for Data Engineer. After getting DP-203 certification, candidates get the credibility and validation for Azure Data Engineer skills such as Designing, implementing, processing, monitoring, optimizing data storage and security of Data.

With Azure Data Engineers, you can ensure that data pipelines and data stores are optimized for performance and reliability, based on your business needs and constraints. You will be able to design, implement, and monitor data platforms to meet the needs of data pipelines. Hence, once you understand and master this certification you can easily become a successful Azure Data Engineer.


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Who is Azure Data Engineer?

Azure Data Engineers are responsible for clearly separating and differentiating raw data into structured data. They integrate, transform and consolidate data from unstructured data into structured data. And this structured data is used for building analytics solutions.

Moreover, they help the stakeholders to clearly understand the information through exploration. They construct efficiently and design particular instructions for processing pipelines with the help of specific tools and strategies. To produce better data for evaluation, they use Azure data offerings and languages.

Following are the responsibilities of an Azure Data Engineer:

  • Developing and designing data processing and storage solutions for enterprises.
  • Install, configure, and manage cloud-based data services, such as databases, blob services, and analytics.
  • Securing the stored data and the platform, so that only necessary users have the access to the data.
  • Monitoring the systems to make sure it is running properly and are cost-effective.

Why You Should Learn Data Engineer?

Data engineers are the people who understand and connect the raw data into structured data within a company. They accomplish this by doing,

  • Accessing, collecting, auditing, and cleaning data from systems and converting it into useable data for enterprises.
  • Maintaining the database
  • Building pipelines
  • Monitor and manage data systems
  • Creating data scientists’ output in a scalable manner.

So, they are the front lines of data strategy, the first people to tackle the unstructured data and convert it into structured one. They are people on whose shoulders data analysts and data scientists stand.

For this reason, there is a huge demand for Data engineers in the IT sector, as they daily produce raw data.

As for some resources, the average salary for a Data Engineer is $116,591. It is also known that they make 261% more than the national average salary.

Who This Certification is For?

DP-203 certification is the ideal for the candidate,

  • Who is interested in Data Engineering.
  • For the professionals of Data architects, Data Administration and Business Intelligence.
  • Candidates who know SQL, Python, Scala, or other data processing languages.
  • Candidates who are good at parallel processing and data architecture patterns.
  • Data Engineers who can transform and consolidate unstructured data into structured data.

Benefits of DP-203 Certification

  • There is a huge demand for Data Engineers. In addition, Microsoft certification is globally recognized.
  • After being DP-203 certified, 26% reported job promotions and 35% of technical professionals reported that certification led to salary or wage increments.
  • DP-203 certification leads to rampant gain in jobs and earnings.
  • The CV with Microsoft certification advances your job profile and increases the chances of getting chosen.

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DP-203 Exam Details

Exam Name

DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure

Exam Duration

180 Minutes

Exam Type

Multiple Choice Examination

Number of Questions

40 - 60 Questions

Exam Fee




Exam validity

1 years

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

DP-203 Exam Skills Measured

Design and implement data storage


Design and develop data processing


Optimize data storage and data processing


Design and implement data security


How to Register for Azure DP 203 Exam

You can register for the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Exam (DP-203) by going to the Official Microsoft Page.

DP-203 study guide

Pre-requisites for DP-203 Certification

For this exam, candidates must have a decent knowledge of Data Processing Languages such as:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Scala

DP 203 Study Guide

Design and Implement Data Storage (40-45%)

Design a data storage structure

Design a partition strategy

Design the serving layer

Implement physical data storage structures

Implement logical data structures

Implement the serving layer

Design and Develop Data Processing (25-30%)

Ingest and transform data

Design and develop a batch processing solution

Design and develop a stream processing solution

Manage batches and pipelines

Design and Implement Data Security (10-15%)

Design security for data policies and standards

Implement data security

Monitor and Optimize Data Storage and Data Processing (10-15%)

Monitor data storage and data processing

Optimize and troubleshoot data storage and data processing

DP-203 Exam Retake Policy

The DP-203 exam retake policy is as follows:

  1. If a candidate fails on the first attempt, they must wait for 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  2. If a candidate again fails on the second attempt, then the candidate will have to wait for 14 days.
  3. A candidate will be given a maximum of five attempts to retake an exam in a year.

DP-203 Exam Day Tips

  • With practice tests, you can become familiar with the test format while broadening your knowledge at the same time.
  • Those questions are very similar to those that you will find on test day, and more importantly, each answer is explained with a reference to documentation.
  • Let your common sense and previous knowledge take center stage in the first learning phase, and try to answer every question.
  • At least a week before the exam, make sure you schedule it.
  • A quiet space should be provided for test-taking.
  • Do not read the question loudly otherwise, you may get disqualified
  • Please remove all paper, pencils, external keyboards, etc. from sight before taking photos.
  • During the test, be mindful of your eyes. Pearson VUE will monitor you throughout your test by using the front-facing camera on your device. You may be accused of cheating if you fail to pay attention to your computer screen during the test.
  • Avoid staring into the distance while you are thinking during your exam.


The certification is for those candidates who want to demonstrate expertise in designing and implementing data solutions with the use of Microsoft Azure data services.

Through this certification, you will learn to integrate, transform and consolidate unstructured data into structured data, that are suitable for building analytical solutions for the company.

Make sure to understand the concept behind the answers and eventually you will be able to use this knowledge to pass every practice and actual DP-203 certification test.

I hope this article is helpful to you and wish you good luck!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in below comment section.


Q1. Is DP 203 easy?

The DP-203 exam can be challenging for some candidates, but it is considered to be a moderate-level exam overall. The exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills in designing and implementing data storage solutions on the Azure platform.

Q2. Is DP 203 worth IT?

Yes, DP-203 certification is worth it for those who want to advance their career in the field of data engineering and demonstrate their proficiency in designing and implementing data storage solutions on the Azure platform.

Q3. What is the salary of Azure Data Engineer?

The salary of an Azure Data Engineer can vary depending on several factors such as location, industry, years of experience, and job role. However, according to data from various job search websites, the average salary for an Azure Data Engineer is around $130,000 per year in the United States.

Q4. How long is DP 203 certificate valid for?

DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Certification will remain valid for one year.

Q5. How long is the DP-203 exam?

DP-203 exam is 120 minutes long.

Q6. How many questions are there in the DP-203 exam?

The Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure Certification DP-203 exam has 40-60 questions.

Q7. What is the passing score for DP-203?

The passing score for the Microsoft DP203 exam is 700 out of 1000 marks.

Q8. How much does it cost to take the DP 203 exam?

The DP 203 exam costs $165 USD.


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