AI-102: Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Exam Study Guide

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Do you also want to establish your career as an Azure ai engineer? In order to embrace the AI revolution, there is a high demand for professionals who can assist create, integrating, designing, and deploying AI solutions on multiple tech platforms. To combat the evolving AI sector, one needs to be updated and have relevant certifications and skills to mark their presence.

The topics covered in this blog are:

AI-102 Certification Overview

This exam assesses your ability to plan and manage an Azure Cognitive Services solution, implement Computer Vision solutions, natural language processing solutions, knowledge mining solutions, and conversational AI solutions.

AI-102 students should have knowledge of developing, managing and implementing AI systems. They should be versed in Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Microsoft Bot Framework.


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Who is the Azure AI Engineer Associate?

  • As an Azure AI engineer, you create, manage, and deploy AI solutions using Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Cognitive Services, and Microsoft Bot Framework.
  • From requirement conception and design to development, maintenance, deployment, monitoring, and performance tweaking, they are involved in all aspects of AI development.
  • Solution architects are among your coworkers, and Azure ai engineer associate translate their vision with your abilities.
  • They need to collaborate with IoT experts, data scientists, engineers, and AI developers to design end-to-end AI solutions.
  • They develop natural language processing, computer vision, knowledge mining, and conversational AI solutions using REST-based APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Why Should You Learn AI?

According to research, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is anticipated to achieve $250 billion or more by 2027. It highly indicates the world is prepping for an AI-driven future.

Many companies hunt for Azure ai engineer associate who can build, integrate, design, and implement AI solutions on various tech platforms to embrace the AI revolution. As a result, people must have the necessary IT certifications and understanding in the AI sector to demonstrate their abilities and competence to potential employers.

Benefits of AI-102 Certification

  1. By pursuing the certification, you’ll learn how to plan, construct, and manage knowledge mining, conversational AI, computer vision, and NLP systems on Azure.
  2. Students will collaborate with data scientists, solution architects, AI developers, IoT specialists, and data engineers to design end-to-end AI solutions.
  3. People will be able to demonstrate to the company your competence in developing AI solutions on Azure by acquiring the AI 102 certification.
  4. This program will assist Microsoft certified azure ai engineer associate in obtaining high-paying jobs.
  5. 26% of technical professionals have reported job advancements as a result of acquiring an AI-102 certification, and 35% of technical professionals reported compensation or wage increases as a result of getting certified.
  6. You can update your resume with an AI-102 certificate will help you develop your career and increase your chances of being hired.

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Who is this Certification For?

AI-102 certification is for all those:

  • Students with a keen interest in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science.
  • Data science, database engineering, and business intelligence professionals.
  • IT specialists with a thorough understanding of SQL, Python, or Scala languages.
  • On Azure, you’ll find experts in computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge mining, and conversational AI solutions.

AI-102 Exam Details

Exam Name

Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing an Microsoft Azure AI Solution

Exam Duration

180 Minutes

Exam Type

Multiple Choice Examination

Number of Questions

40 - 60 Questions

Exam Fee




Exam validity

2 years

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

Exam AI-102 Skills Measured

Plan and manage an Azure Cognitive Services solution


Implement Computer Vision solutions


Implement natural language processing solutions


Implement knowledge mining solutions


Implement conversational AI solutions


How to Register for Azure AI-102 Exam

You can register for the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate Exam (AI-102) by going to the Official Microsoft Page.


Pre-requisites for AI-102 Certification

The Candidates taking up this exam should be proficient in languages ​​such as::

  1. Python
  2. Javascript
  3. C#

AI-102 Study Guide

Plan and manage an Azure Cognitive Services solution (15-20%)

Select the appropriate Cognitive Services resource

Plan and configure security for a Cognitive Services solution

Create a Cognitive Services resource

Plan and implement Cognitive Services containers

Implement Computer Vision solutions (20-25%)

Analyze images by using the Computer Vision API

Extract text from images

Extract facial information from images

Implement image classification by using the Custom Vision service

Implement an object detection solution by using the Custom Vision service

Analyze video by using Azure Video Analyzer for Media (formerly Video Indexer)

Implement natural language processing solutions (20-25%)

Analyze text by using the Language service

Manage speech by using the Speech service

Translate language

Build a initial language model by using Language Understanding Service (LUIS)

Iterate on and optimize a language model by using Language Understanding

Manage a Language Understanding model

Implement knowledge mining solutions (15-20%)

Implement a Cognitive Search solution

Implement an enrichment pipeline

Implement a knowledge store

Manage a Cognitive Search solution

Manage indexing

Implement conversational AI solutions (15-20%)

Create a Knowledge Base by Using QnA Maker

Design and implement conversation flow

Create a Bot by Using the Bot Framework SDK

Create a Bot by Using the Bot Framework Composer

Integrate Cognitive Services into a Bot

AI-102 Exam Retake Policy

The AI-102 exam retake policy is as follows:

  1. If a candidate fails on the first attempt, they must wait for 24 hours before retaking the exam.
  2. If a candidate again fails on the second attempt, then the candidate will have to wait for 14 days.
  3. A candidate will be given a maximum of five attempts to retake an exam in a year.


Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution is primarily aimed at applicants who desire to advance their careers in the Microsoft Azure area. The Microsoft Certified – Azure AI Engineer Associate exam certifies that the candidate has the essential knowledge and skills required to Design and Implement a Microsoft Azure AI Solution. It not only adds relevant skills but also you in getting a handsome package.


Q1. Is AI-102 certification worth it?

Yes, the AI-102 certification is worth it for individuals who want to demonstrate their expertise in designing and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform. The certification is intended for solution architects and developers who work with AI technologies such as natural language processing, speech, computer vision, and machine learning.

Q2. How difficult is AI-102 exam?

The difficulty level of the AI-102 exam can vary depending on an individual’s experience and familiarity with Azure AI technologies. However, in general, the exam is considered to be of moderate to high difficulty. To pass the exam, individuals must have a thorough understanding of Azure AI services and must be able to design and implement AI solutions that meet specific business requirements.

Q3. What is the salary of an Azure AI engineer?

The salary of an Azure AI engineer can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, company size, and industry. However, according to salary data from Glassdoor, the average base salary for an Azure AI engineer in the United States is around $140,697 per year.

Q4. How long is AI-102 valid for?

AI-102: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution Certification will remain valid for one year.

Q5. How long is the AI-102 exam?

AI-102 exam is 120 minutes long.

Q6. How many questions are on the AI-102?

The Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution AI-102 exam has 40-60 questions.

Q7. What is passing score for AI-102?

The passing score for the Microsoft AI102 exam is 700 out of 1000 marks.

Q8. How much does it cost to take the AI 102 exam?

The AI 102 exam costs $165 USD.


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