SC-400: Microsoft Azure Information Protection Administrator Associate Exam Study Guide

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The SC-400 Certification offered by Microsoft is designed to assess a candidate’s technical knowledge in areas such as information protection, data loss prevention, and information governance. 

In this article, I have discussed the exam details, who the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator is, who this certification is for, and the responsibilities of a Microsoft Information Protection Administrator. 

I have also highlighted the benefits of taking the SC-400 exam, including career opportunities and salary benefits. Additionally, I have provided information on the prerequisites for taking the exam, and the retake policy. 

Overall, the SC-400 certification is an excellent way for IT administrators to validate skills in Microsoft information protection solutions and stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends.

SC-400 Certification Overview?

It is an exam offered by Microsoft. This exam assesses a candidate’s technical knowledge in areas such as information protection, data loss prevention, and information governance. 

This exam covers configuring and managing Azure Information Protection, including labeling, protecting, and managing access.

An applicant who passes the test receives the Microsoft Certified: Information Protection Administrator Associate designation.

SC-400 Certification Overview

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Who Is Microsoft Information Protection Administrator?

A Microsoft information protection administrator is a person who implements controls that meet organizational information protection and governance requirements. 

They also ensure that information protection requirements and controls are put into practice.

They assist IT departments, business application owners, human resources departments, and legal departments in implementing technology solutions.

Furthermore, they evaluate and develop policies that address the full breadth of enterprise risk associated with their work.

They define policies and controls and evaluate IT processes and operations. Also, they create policies and rules for data classification, data loss prevention, governance, and protection.

Who This Certification Is For?

  • Exam SC-400 is for IT administrators who want to validate their ability to implement and manage Microsoft information protection solutions.
  • Also, it’s a good exam if you work in a role involving information security, or if you’re considering moving into one.

If you understand information security concepts well, you can pass the exam even if you don’t have direct experience with Microsoft information protection solutions.

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Why SC-400 Certification?

After taking the SC-400 certification you avail the following benefits in your career:

  • The majority of organizations and enterprises seek IT experts with knowledge and skills to plan and implement organizational compliance controls. As a result, job opportunities have increased.
  • In the Microsoft SC-400 exam syllabus, you’ll learn about many vital IT domains. Thus, by taking the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator certification, you’ll stay on top of the latest tech trends.
  • Additionally, organizations are spending a lot of money on Microsoft-certified professionals as a result of the soaring demand.
  • There’s an attractive salary and other perks with promotions. SC-400 will also boost your career. 
  • As it can be hard to get an internal promotion, taking a SC-400 exam is a way to prove your skills and knowledge and get promoted.
  • By achieving the SC-400 exam, you can get the following roles:
  1. Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  2. Chief data officer (CDO)
  3. Risk Practitioner
  4. Security Engineer
  5. IT Auditors
  6. Administrator
  7. Technical Officers
  8. Governance Professionals
  9. Compliance Professionals
  10. Cybersecurity Professionals
  11. IT Enterprise Architects

Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Responsibilities

Following are the responsibilities of a Microsoft Information Protection Administrator:

  • The Information Protection Administrator plans and performs controls that comply with regulations.
  • They translate requirements into technical implementations.
  • They also help organizational control owners stay compliant.
  • They collaborate with IT professionals, business application owners, HR stakeholders, and lawyers to implement technology to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Additionally, they work with compliance and security leadership to estimate the full breadth of enterprise risk and develop policies.
  • Their job is to test IT methods and operations against policies and controls.
  • In addition to content classification, they design rules for data loss prevention and governance.

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SC-400 Exam Details

Exam Name

SC-400: Microsoft Information Protection Administrator

Passing Marks


Exam Fee


Exam Duration

120 Minutes

Exam Validity

1 Year

Exam Languages

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Exam Type

Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions

SC-400 Exam Skills Measured

Implement information protection


Implement data loss prevention


Implement information governance


How to Register for SC 400 Certification Exam

You can register for the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator Exam (SC-400) by going to the Official Microsoft Page.

How to Register for SC-400 Exam
How to Register for SC-400 Exam

Prerequisite for SC-400 Certification

You should review Microsoft’s prerequisites before taking the SC-400 exam to prepare for the exam. The prerequisites are:

  • Understanding Microsoft 365 security and compliance features    
  • Security and compliance experience with Microsoft 365    
  • Compliance and security knowledge
  • Candidate should know about Azure Information Protection, Azure Security Center, and Intune

SC-400 Exam Study Guide

Implement information protection (35–40%)

Create and manage sensitive information types

Create and manage trainable classifiers

Implement and manage sensitivity labels

Design and implement encryption for email messages

Implement data loss prevention (30–35%)

Create and configure data loss prevention (DLP) policies

Implement and monitor Microsoft Endpoint DLP

Analyze and respond to data loss prevention policies and activities

  • Analyze data loss prevention reports
  • Analyze data loss prevention activities by using Activity explorer
  • Remediate data loss prevention policy violations in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal
  • Remediate data loss prevention violations in Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Implement information governance (25–30%)

Retain and delete data by using retention labels

Manage data retention in Microsoft 365

Implement records management in Microsoft 365

SC-400 Exam Retake Policy

Here is how you can retake the Microsoft Exam SC-400

  • Those who do not pass the exam on their first attempt must wait at least 24 hours before taking it again.
  • Those who fail the second time must wait 14 days before retaking the exam.
  • A 14-day waiting period also applies to the fourth and fifth retakes.


The SC-400 certification offered by Microsoft is a valuable tool for IT administrators. The exam demonstrates the candidate’s technical knowledge in information protection, data loss prevention, and information governance.

The Microsoft Information Protection Administrator has several responsibilities, including planning and performing controls that meet compliance requirements, translating requirements into technical implementations, and working with compliance and security leadership to develop policies.

By passing the SC-400 exam, IT professionals can validate their skills in Microsoft information protection solutions and stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends. 

This certification can open up job opportunities in various roles, such as Chief Compliance Officer, Cybersecurity Professional, and IT Enterprise Architect. 

So, if you are considering a career in information security or want to advance your career, the SC-400 certification is worth pursuing.


Q1. How long is the SC-400 exam?

SC-400 exam is 120 minutes long.

Q2. How many questions has SC-400?

SC-400 has 60 questions.

Q3. How much does SC 400 cost?

The SC-400 exam costs $165 (13,551 INR)

Q4. Is SC 400 difficult?

SC-400 isn’t that hard. If you spend a lot of time studying the SC-400 exam objectives, you’ll pass it the first time.

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