SC-200: Microsoft Azure Security Operations Analyst Exam Study Guide

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The Microsoft SC-200 certification validates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in operations security.

These certifications are suitable for cloud administrators, IT professionals, security administrators, Microsoft security administrators, and network administrators who ensure the security of their organization’s information technology systems. 

Using various security solutions, Microsoft Security Operations Analysts monitor and respond to threats, identify and resolve active attacks, and advise on threat protection practices.

Obtaining the SC-200 certification can lead to career advancement opportunities, increased earnings, and a deeper understanding of operations security.

SC-200 is a valuable credential for IT professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in Microsoft operations security.

SC-200 Certification Overview

The SC-200 is an associate-level certification that covers operations security. Once you pass this Microsoft exam, you’ll get the Microsoft Certified Security Operations Analyst Associate certification. 

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst (SC-200) tests your ability to defend against threats using Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel

A Microsoft Security Operations Analyst protects the company’s IT infrastructure with business partners. They are responsible for ensuring that the organization’s information security is maintained.


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Who Is Microsoft Security Operations Analyst?

Microsoft security operations analysts collaborate with organizational stakeholders to ensure the security of information technology systems. 

As part of their responsibility, they rapidly resolve active attacks and advise on the improvement of threat protection practices. And refer violations of organizational policies to relevant stakeholders.

They use a variety of security solutions across their environment to manage threats, monitor and respond. 

In this role, they investigate, respond to, and hunt for threats using Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft 365 Defender, and third-party security products.

Who Is This Certification For?

The certification is for:

  • Cloud Administrator
  • IT Professional
  • IT Security Professional
  • Microsoft Security Administrators
  • Network Administrators

Why SC-200 Certification

There are many benefits to earning Microsoft certifications, which is why their popularity has grown dramatically recently:

  • With this certification, threats are managed, tracked, and responded to within their environment.
  • This certification gives an in-depth understanding of operations security.
  • The SC-200 certification improves your understanding of Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Azure Defender.
  • This credential validates your security knowledge.
  • Additionally, it shows a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Your career will advance and your salary will rise.
  • For organizations searching for operations security, it adds value.
  • You will gain an understanding of Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel.
  • It opens doors since security is a top priority in business.
  • In the job market, it keeps you ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Responsibilities

  • Microsoft Security Operations Analysts are responsible for delivering secure information technology systems to an organization. It is important that they work with organizational stakeholders to accomplish this goal.
  • They identify violations of organizational policies and, by reporting them, decrease risk by promptly identifying and correcting active attacks in the environment.
  • Providing advice on how to enhance threat protection activities is one of their responsibilities.
  • Microsoft Security Operations Analysts are also responsible for monitoring, threat management, and response by utilizing various security solutions.
  • They conduct threat hunting with Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Security Centre, Azure Defender, Azure Sentinel, and third-party products.

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SC-200 Exam Details

Exam Name

SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

Passing Marks


Exam Fee


Exam Duration

120 Minutes

Exam Validity

1 Year

Exam Languages

English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), Italian

Total Questions

40-60 Questions

Exam Type

Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions

SC-200 Exam Skills Measured

Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender


Mitigate threats using Microsoft Defender for Cloud


Mitigate threats using Microsoft Sentinel


How to Register for SC 200 Certification Exam

You can register for the Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Exam (SC-200) by going to the Official Microsoft Page.

How to Register for SC 200 Certification Exam

Prerequisite for SC-200 Certification

SC-200 certification prerequisites include:

  • The basics of Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Understanding of Microsoft security, compliance, and identification products.
  • A working understanding of Windows 10/11
  • Understanding of Azure services, including Azure SQL
  • The ability to create, deploy and manage virtual machines on Azure.
  • Knowledge of scripting concepts.

SC-200 Study Guide

Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender (25–30%)

Mitigate threats to the productivity environment by using Microsoft 365 Defender

Mitigate endpoint threats by using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Mitigate identity threats

Manage extended detection and response (XDR) in Microsoft 365 Defender

Mitigate threats using Microsoft Defender for Cloud (20–25%)

Implement and maintain cloud security posture management and workload protection

Plan and implement the use of data connectors for ingestion of data sources in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Configure and respond to alerts and incidents in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Mitigate threats using Microsoft Sentinel (50–55%)

Design and configure a Microsoft Sentinel workspace

Plan and implement the use of data connectors for ingestion of data sources in Microsoft Sentine

Manage Microsoft Sentinel analytics rules

Perform data classification and normalization

Configure Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) in Microsoft Sentinel

Manage Microsoft Sentinel incidents

Use Microsoft Sentinel workbooks to analyze and interpret data

Hunt for threats using Microsoft Sentinel

SC-200 Exam Retake Policy

  • If the candidate does not achieve the passing score, he/she must wait 24 hours before reapplying. 
  • A candidate can reschedule their exam from their certificate dashboard. 
  • A candidate can reappear for the examination only five times. 
  • A candidate will have another chance after 14 days if it fails the second time. 
  • The fourth and fifth attempts will also require 14 days of waiting. 


Microsoft SC-200 certification is a valuable credential for security administrators, network administrators, and IT professionals. This certification validates your security knowledge and helps you better understand Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Defender, and Azure Sentinel. 

Earning the SC-200 certification can help you advance your career, earn more money, and demonstrate your commitment to learning. 

In addition to monitoring, managing, and responding to threats using a variety of security tools, Microsoft Security Operations Analysts play an essential role in the security of their organization’s IT infrastructure. 

Adding value to operations security with SC-200 certification will keep you ahead of the competition in the job market.


Q1. Who should take SC-200?

Cloud administrators, IT Professionals, IT Security Professionals, Microsoft Security Administrators, and Network Administrators should take SC-200.

Q2. How long is SC 200 valid?

SC- 200 certifications will remain valid for two years.

Q3. How many questions are on the SC 200 exam?

The Microsoft SC-200 exam has 40-60 questions. Questions include mark reviews, multiple-choice, build lists, case studies, and more.

Q4. Is it easy to pass SC-200?

You may not pass the SC-200 certification exam if you only prepare half-heartedly. Preparing for the SC-200 begins with a commitment to study.

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