DP-100 Exam Study Guide

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist  Exam

DP-100 Certification

Azure DP-100 is the Data Science Certification from Microsoft for all the people who are interested in Data Handling.

DP-100 Exam  Information

Exam DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

Passing Marks: 700

DP-100 Exam  Information

Number of Questions 40 - 60 Questions

Exam Pre-Requisite: None

Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

DP-100 Exam  Information

Certification Level:  Associate Level Certification

Recommended Experience:  Knowledge and experience in data science and using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks

DP-100 Exam Information

Exam Fee:  165$

Exam Validity: 2 Years

Exam Type: Multiple-choice  questions

DP-100 Exam Skills  Measured

Manage Azure resources for machine learning:  (25-30%)

Run experiments and train models: (20-25%)

DP-100 Exam Skills  Measured

Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions (35-40%)

Implement responsible machine learning: (5-10%)

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